• Voyage Edenmuir Collection
  • Voyage Kyoto Gardens Collection
  • Voyage Wilderness Collection

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Voyage is a Scottish based company which became part of the Ashley Wilde Group in March 2019.  Since then all the Voyage fabric collections have been reviewed, updated, some recategorized and some old designs re-introduced.  Voyage specialise in printed fabrics, designed in their signature watercolour painting style and produced in-house.  Many are printed to order so allow for extra delivery times.  Voyage describes itself as representing a contemporary, country lifestyle, with all their designs drawn from nature to bring a colourful and fresh look and feel to the home.


You may find a design featured in more than one collection.  For example, Emmington is in the original Tiverton Weaves collection but is also in the newly titled Woven Chapter 6 collection. 


We aren’t able to show everything from Voyage here but please be assured that we can supply what you need from all of their collections.  Please get in touch if you can’t find the design you’re looking for.