Roman blinds- choosing lining

We use a combined lining/interlining as standard for Roman blinds ordered in our showroom. This is sometimes described as bonded interlining.


What is interlining?


This is a layer of wadded fabric that is sewn between the fabric and the lining and remains unseen. 

It provides insulation and helps protect against UV deterioration. It also provides body to Roman blinds and curtains and creates a more luxurious appearance.


The combined lining/interlining is simply lining and interlining joined together.  Colour supplied is ivory.


We offer a choice of standard or blackout lining.


When would you choose to use a blackout combined interlining?


If you are using a silk or fine fabric to protect fabric face from UV deterioration.

If you have chosen an embroidered fabric or one likely to have lumps or bumps and you don’t want to see anything showing from the back of the fabric once hung.

If you want to keep your blind partially lowered and still see the colours and design of the fabric unaffected by daylight/sunshine.

If you want the option of total darkness.


Otherwise select the standard combined interlining.


If you're unsure and you need some advice, please do get in touch.