Measuring for Roman blinds

First, decide how your blind is to be fitted:

Inside the recess or Outside the recess (exact).

We recommend that you measure using a steel tape for accuracy.



Inside the recess – take 3 measurements: at the top, the middle and the bottom.  Use the smallest measurement to ensure that the blind doesn’t snag when in use. 

If your window isn’t square you will need to double check that the blind will actually cover your window.  If not, you should fit your blind outside the recess.

Also check if you’ve got enough clearance to open your window.


Outside the recess (or exact) – measure the width of the window and add 10cm each side to allow for an overlap.



Inside the recess – measure length from top to the bottom of the recess.

Outside the recess (exact) – measure from the required position above the window down to the length required.