Staying at home and need window privacy?

Christine Lilley



We’re all spending a lot more time at home currently and unless you live in the depths of the countryside, you’re probably more aware than ever of being overlooked by neighbours or passers-by in one way or another.


I once had a friend to stay who, being so used to having complete privacy in her own home, flung open the bedroom curtains exposing all to the street view! This still makes me laugh.


So, what choices are out there which don’t make you feel totally hemmed in?


A couple of temporary options which won’t cost a fortune are:


Window film – clear or frosted self-adhesive film is sold in different widths and lengths for self installation. You’ll find this in DIY & department stores and on-line of course.

Temporary paper blinds – such as those seen on Dragons Den – Blinds in a Box.  There are plenty of options on-line.


There are some permanent solutions which will satisfy other needs – controlling glare & sunlight, overnight privacy, black-out, winter warmth – in addition to looking amazing.


Sheer or semi sheer curtains

There are lots of fabrics to choose from for use on track or curtain poles. I've loved my sheer curtains in both my sitting and dining rooms.  They are easy to wash and give the rooms a lovely soft look. I would definitely have them again. 


For super-sized windows I’d recommend you take a look at the Room High collections, which are all about 300cm high.  You just buy your required width so there are no joins -  for further explanation, see our FAQ’s.

I'm loving the Inbetweens collection by Kobe ❤️


Inbetweens collection by Kobe

Room High sheers, Crocus design in purple, from the Inbetweens Collection by Kobe

Sheer or semi sheer Roman Blinds – a soft folding blind, unlined and using a sheer/voile or semi-sheer fabric of your choice.


Sheer or semi sheer Roman Blinds

Sheer or semi sheer roller blinds – using a translucent or semi-translucent stiffened fabric.

Sheer or semi sheer roller Blinds Sheer or semi sheer roller Blinds
Semi-sheer roller blind in my own home shown here open, complete with Cleo enjoying some sunshine and closed.

Venetian blinds - metallics, wood and wood effect available in a wide range of finishes.  Very adjustable, need regular maintenance to keep clean. 


Venetian blinds Venetian blinds
Interior shutters – Shutters can look amazing as a complete window treatment but they can be an expensive privacy solution.


Pleated blinds – with concertina-like folds, are push up or pull down.  Commonly used in conservatories/garden rooms.


Vertical blinds 

You may think they're old fashioned or more suited to offices but they still do a great job and there’s a wider choice of fabrics today. 

Vertical privacy sheers are relatively new – they incorporate a vertical fabric vane on to a sheer fabric. Take a look at this fantastic option below.


Vertical blinds
Louvolite Allusion vertical blind  - see the video below


Vision/Duo/Double roller blinds – different names used by different brands.  They are made of 2 layers of fabric, sheer & opaque, which create striped panels when they pass over each other – they create the illusion of a venetian or louvered blind.  


Rol-lite’s Vision blinds


Whatever you choose, I think it’s important to have something that you really like the look of, in addition to giving you the privacy and flexibility that you need.  You don’t want to resent having to have it.


We’ve clocked up many years of experience here at The Curtain Works so please feel free to contact us even for advice.  We’ll give you an honest opinion about what would work best for you and can quote you on any of the above options.


Remember, have something you love – it’s going to be cheaper than moving house!


Stay safe!